A Scholarship Offering 

in the Memory 


Darryl Babe Wilson

(Nov. 21, 1939 - May 4, 2014)


Darryl Babe Wilson’s goal was to develop

"300 to 3,000 native writers and place them on a higher rung than me."


Applications for the Darryl Babe Wilson Scholarship are now being accepted.

Please note: This scholarship offering is open to all genres —
poetry, creative nonfiction or fiction at any level of skill.


About Darryl Babe Wilson

    Educator, Author, Poet, Storyteller, Activist


          — He was born into the Achumawe and Atsugewi tribes (often call the Pit River Nation) of northeastern California.

          — He  was a cultural and political activist who earned a Ph.D. from the University of Arizona at Tucson after graduating from UC Davis.

          — Author of the extraordinary autobiography “The Morning the Sun Went Down” (Heyday Books).

          — Co-editor of “Surviving in Two Worlds: Contemporary Native American Voices” (University of Texas Press).

          — He was deeply involved with the “Indian Wars” that swept the nation in the early 1970s, and was part of a group of Achumawe activists who occupied a portion of PG&E land at Big Bend in a futile attempt to regain their ancestral land.

          — Former faculty member in the Native American Studies at de Anza College, Cupertino and California State University, Hayward.


    But, more importantly


          Darryl suffered a debilitating stroke in 2000, but that didn't deter him in his belief that there is a void in the native arena of educators, poets, and dreamers. His goal was to raise "300 to 3,000 native writers and place them on a higher rung than me."



          — Applicants must demonstrate a common interest in Darryl Babe Wilson’s devotion to Natives’ rights and his literal passion for activism in behalf of Native traditions.

          — Applicants must have:

                    — A high school diploma or higher education degree.

                    Proof of heritage such as a copy of your tribal enrollment card, an affidavit from a tribal official or other person knowledgeable about your family history, a certificate of Indian blood (CIB card) , proof of Native American ancestry or other identification from a recognized Native America tribe.


          Applicant guidelines:

          —  Please submit a letter of need such as your financial needs, writing goals and how attending the Surprise Valley Writers’ Conference will help achieve those goals.

          — A sample of your writing as it applies to submission requirements (see www.modocforum.org and Surprise Valley Writers’ Conference.)

          Send by e-mail a “doc” attachment to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


          Scholarship details: 

          The Darryl Babe Wilson Scholarship covers all tuition fees to the Surprise Valley Writers’ Conference and its various events, readings and designated meals. It does not cover travel or lodging, but there is camping available. 


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