Saturday, September 21, 2019

Daily Schedule:

Friday, May 31
Note: If you’re planning on attending the Saturday night barbecue in Fort Bidwell please call 530/ 279-2009 ASAP to make your reservation.
Please note Friday time changes:
        • 2—4 pm: Check in at March's house—optional
        • 4:30—5 pm: Workshop introductory meeting at March's house, workshop locations will be announced.
        • 5—7 pm: Welcome reception—March House
Directions to March house — Entering Cedarville on Hwy 299, at the stop sign in Cedarville, head south (right turn) on the main road through Cedarville. In ¼ mile you’ll see a row of tall poplar trees on the left. We’re at 28100, look for the green road sign. Call 530/ 279-2099 or 530/ 569-0254 if you get lost, we’ll come and get you.  


    • Saturday, June 1
        • 8:30am—Meet at the Cedarville Community Church Hall
        • 9 am—11:45 am:
        • Your workshop will include:
          • sharing experiences in Ag communication
          • Discussion of samples of effective and non-effective Ag writing
          • Review of various methods of Ag communication, i.e., journalism, blogging, Facebook, Instagram, podcasts, influencers
          • What's your project? Workshop participants who have an Ag-related communication project are encouraged to share for feedback from the group 
          • Writing exercise
        • Noon: Lunch on your own
        • 1:30—2:30pm: Discussion and sharing of writing generated during the morning's exercise
        • 2:30—3:15pm: Getting to Know You—Writers Meeting Writers, Cedarville Community Church
Time to write


Jefferson Center Field Day & Barbecue

        • 4:30—8 pm
Springs Ranch in Fort Bidwell, at the north end of Surprise Valley. The Springs Ranch is the main demonstration site for the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management. For details visit their website: 
If you’re attending for all three days the Field Day & Barbecue are included in your Bitterroot Ag Writers’ Workshop $265 registration fee. There will be a no-host bar.
If you’re here for Saturday only and would like to attend the Field Day & Barbecue the ticket price is $35.
If you’re here for Saturday only and would like to attend please make reservations by May 15 by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The Springs Ranch address is 51801 County Road 1, Surprise Valley.
    • Sunday, June 2
        • 9am—11:45 am: Workshop
        • Workshop attendees will map out the future for their specific project needs and discuss their expectations. Discussion about how the workshop has influenced their communication approach and how their strategies have changed or not, will be emphasized.
        • Noon—Farewell


Questions? Email: bitterrootb13@gmailcom, or call (530) 279-2099

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