Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Daily Schedule:

Friday, May 31
Note 1: If you’re planning on attending the Saturday night barbecue in Fort Bidwell please call 530/ 279-2009 ASAP to make your reservation.
Note 2: The staff reading has moved to Sunday evening at the Community Church Hall at 5 pm.
Note 3: If you're planning on attending the Friday night reception, it's pot luck this year. Please bring a healthy snack to share.
Please note Friday time changes:
        • 2—4 pm: Check in at March's house—optional
        • 4:30—5 pm: Workshop introductory meeting at March's house, workshop locations will be announced.
        • 5—7 pm: Welcome reception—March House
Directions to March house — Entering Cedarville on Hwy 299, at the stop sign in Cedarville, head south (right turn) on the main road through Cedarville. In ¼ mile you’ll see a row of tall poplar trees on the left. We’re at 28100, look for the green road sign. Call 530/ 279-2099 or 530/ 569-0254 if you get lost, we’ll come and get you.  


    • Saturday, June 1
        • 9am—11:45am: Workshops: Locations to be announced
        • Noon: Lunch on your own
        • 1:30—2:30pm: Anna Marie Spagna—Craft Lecture, Cedarville Community Church
        • 2:30—3:15pm: Getting to Know You—Writers Meeting Writers, Cedarville Community Church


FYI – This year we’re including a two-day workshop, The Bitterroot Ag Writers’ Workshop, May 31 – June 2 for writers who specialize in agricultural subjects, from organic farming and sustainability to cattle ranching. You’ll meet them over the two days they’re here. The Writers Meeting Writers plenary session on Saturday afternoon is designed to give all attendees an opportunity to discuss the challenges they face as writers, in presenting their material to their readers.


Afternoon Adventures:
For the adventurous—soak at the Squaw Bath Hot Springs, directions will be provided.




Walk in the aspens


Hunt for wild horses
Jefferson Center Field Day — Springs Ranch, Ft. Bidwell
Dinner options include a barbecue in Fort Bidwell as part of the Springs Ranch Savory Hub Annual Regenerative Agriculture Field Day. See below for details.
Jefferson Center Field Day & Barbecue
        • 4:30 pm—8 pm 
Springs Ranch in Fort Bidwell, at the north end of Surprise Valley. The Springs Ranch is the main demonstration site for the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management. If you would like to attend the Field Day & Barbecue the ticket price is $35 by reservation only. For dinner only the ticket price is $20. Contact Barbara ASAP at 530/ 279-2099 to make your reservation. For general information go here: https://www.savory.global/event/jefferson-center-field-day/
    • Sunday, June 2
        • 9am—11:45 am: Workshops
        • Noon: Lunch on your own
        • 1:30—2:15 pm: Tom Barbash—Craft Lecture, Community Church
        • 5 pm—6 pm: Staff readings—Cedarville Community Church Hall 
        • 6:00 pm: Dinner—Cedarville Community Church
        • 7:00 pm: Scholarship Auction
    • Monday, June 3
        • 9am—11:45 am: Workshops
        • Noon: Lunch on your own
        • 1:30—2:15pm:  Greg Glazner—Craft Lecture, Community Church Hall
        • 5:30pm: Dinner — Community Church Hall
        • 7:30pm: Camp fire open mic for workshop writers at March house.
    • Tuesday, June 4
        • 9am—11:30am: Workshops
        • Noon: Farewell—March House


What to Bring: A warm jacket, hat/ scarf for evenings, flashlight, a sun hat, sun screen, bug repellent, walking/ hiking shoes and a chair for the Monday night campfire.


Questions? Email: bitterrootb13@gmailcom, or call (530) 279-2099

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