Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Daily Schedule:

    • Friday, June 1
        • 2—4 pm: Check in at March's house—optional
        • 4—5:30pm: Workshop meetings at March's house
        • 5:30—7pm: Welcome reception—March House
Directions to March house — Head south on the main road through Cedarville. In ¼ mile you’ll see a row of tall poplar trees on the left. We’re at 28100, look for the green road sign. Call 530/ 279-2099 or 530/ 569-0254 if you get lost,we’ll come and get you. 


    • Saturday, June 2
        • 9am—11:45am: Workshops: Locations to be announced
        • Noon: Lunch on your own
        • 1:30—2:30pm: Craft Lectures—Cedarville Community Church

Afternoon Inspiration Options:

For the adventurous—soak at the Squaw Bath Hot Springs, directions will be provided.




Walk in the aspens.
Massage—please inquire about rates.

        • 6—7 pm: Staff readings—March residence
        • Dinner on your own
    • Sunday, June 3
        • 9am—11:45 am: Workshops
        • Noon: Lunch on your own
        • 1:30—2:30 pm: Craft Lectures—Cedarville Community Church
        • 6:00 pm: Keynote Speaker (TBA), Dinner—Community Church Hall
    • Monday, June 4
        • 9am—11:45 am: Workshops
        • Noon: Lunch on your own
        • 1:30—2:30pm Craft Lectures—Community Church Hall
        • 5:30pm: Dinner — Community Hall
        • 7:30pm: Camp fire open mic for workshop writers
    • Tuesday, June 5
        • 9am—11:30am: Workshops
        • Noon: Farewell—March House


Questions? Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call (530) 279-2099

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