Surprise Valley Writers' Conference dutch oven cookout

Writers take break at Metzker House

Writers' Conference Lectures

Plein Air Workshop

Writers' field trip to the playa

Willis Barnstone, William O'Daly and Kathryn Gessner


“There is an openness, both of mind and place, and that means freedom, of having time.

The openness comes with space. Space to breathe, to think, to act. Space to pause.

Space to do nothing, if we so desire, and space to work hard, if that is our calling.

In all this variety of space, redeemably, there is no shopping.”

— Excerpt from “Not My Hawk” by Ray A. March



Past Keynote Speakers:

William Kittredge - 2007
Gary Synder - 2008
Philip Fradkin - 2008
Brenda Miller - 2009
Ida Rae Egli - 2010
Joseph Stroud - 2011
Eldridge Moores - 2011
Primus St. John - 2012
Michelle Herman - 2013 


Mission Statement

To perpetuate an understanding and appreciation of the natural and agricultural landscape of Modoc County, the Great Basin and the rural west through literature, the arts, community education and academic programs. 



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